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"Have been with Hannon-Murphy for at least 30 years for house insurance, even though I live 45-60 mins. drive away. (Actually haven't had to visit the office more than 3-4 times during that period.) Switched over my auto insurance to them about 15 years ago and am glad I did. They have been pro-active in notifying me whenever they have identified a change that would be to my benefit - especially great when suggesting change in insurance for my auto that wound up saving me significant dollars. I have periodically checked out alternative insurance options, but in weighing all of the criteria (e.g., price, attentiveness, proven excellent response and results when I have had claims, the scales weighed heavily in Hannon-Murphy's favor. As I have with acquaintences who are looking for a good insurance agent, I HIGHLY recommend this company to you."  --Dave M.

"I wouldnt let anyone else handle my family insurance needs other than Hannon Murphy. I have been with them for 30+ years, Joanne, your the best!~!!!!!!"  --Claire C.B.

"Absolutely awesome, personal service! I highly recommend Hannon-Murphy!"  --Laura D.

"Maggie is the best! Helps out with all insurance needs asap!" Dianne M.

"Awesome company" Joyce M.K.

"We've been with Hannon-Murphy since 1971. All is fine now and all along the way." Jim L.

"Hannon-Murphy Insurance is great!" Rena L.

"Dependable service always!" Caryn D.

"Great Insurance company helpful and friendly. There is always someone there when I call to answer my questions or to help." James M.

"Hannon-Murphy has been handling my insurance needs for over 35 years! Maggie is fantastic and we consider her part of our family!" Mark F.

"Hannon-Murphy has been our family insurance broker for many, many years and they're great! Need personal care? I highly recommend them; Maggie is the best :)" Ann F.

"This is the place to go for friendly service, and they take the time to answer all questions. Definitely a good group to deal with." Dolores D.

"Great service." Jim M.

"I have only been with Hannon-Murphy Insurance and have stayed with them because of the amazing service I receive from Maggie Moore, Nancy, and all the people at the Pembroke office!!" Elizabeth T.

"Always very helpful." Janet S.

"Always have had excellent service." Frank C.

"Sue answers all my questions and with 2 teen drivers, I have a lot of questions!" Sheila L.

"Hannon-Murphy has been so helpful to me over the years....friendly and always responsive on even the shortest of notice. They're great....." Pamela G.

"Amy Kelly rocks!!!" Laurie C.

"Am so glad to have switched all my business to H-M. Amy Kelly (Pembroke) has helped me so much!" Ann Marie D.

"I love Hannon Murphy! I make one phone call to my agent Maggie and she does all the work." Bridget D.

"Kristen is the best! Always great service." Kathie S.

"Reliable and they offer good service." Rebecca F.

"Kristin and Amy are the best !" Jonathan S.

"A great local place to do business with.....very attentive to all of your insurance needs!" Walter D.

"Very good service and nice staff!" Bill M.

"Solid bundles-pleasant agents that answer the phone, actually answer the phone." Brian A.

"I've used Hannon-Murphy since I was 17. Great Company." Theresa S.

"I like when I have a question and call them up they know who I am I don't feel like a number..." Shirley L.

"The customer service from the staff at Long Pond Road, Plymouth is fantastic!! Highly recommend. Thank you!" Adrienne M.

"My husband owns "A Fire Truck For All Occasions" and we have had our insurance with Hannon-Murphy for many years. They have been very helpful and have made sure that this unique business has all the coverage we need!!" Melinda W.

"Great people! Never had one complaint! Years and years of dedication in our familty! Thank you!" April B.

"I have always found the staff at Hannon-Murphy to be pleasant and helpful." Susie R.

"I use Hannon-Murphy for all my insurance needs." Ray M.

"Great Insurance Company. Everyone is very caring and very responsive. Highly recommend!!" Cheryl M.