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Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and while it is for remembering those who served and gave all for our country, it also is a traditional time for “start of summer” BBQ’s and backyard parties.

If you’re going to be firing up your grill this weekend, opening the pool, or just having some family and friends over, keeping these things in mind will reduce the chances you’ll have to call us to file a claim for damages to your property or for someone being injured.

Did you know that May, June, and July are the prime months for grill fires? Having your grill too close to your home can result in melted siding, smoke damage, and in worse case scenario, your home catches on fire. Not a fun claim. Well, no claim is fun, but potentially losing your housing is terrible.

Before you fire up the grill and throw the burgers and dogs on, check that your BBQ is at least 10 feet away from railings and home siding and that your fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are working. Keep kids and pets away from the grill.  For more info, check out the Mass.gov grilling safety tips https://www.mass.gov/service-details/grilling-safety here.

If you are opening up that pool this weekend and planning on cooling off, have a designated responsible adult to supervise the pool area-to remove toys and rafts to avoid slip and fall, and also watch for any horseplay.  While someone who slips and falls would be covered under your homeowner’s insurance, (give us a call to check your liability and medical payments coverage!) someone hurting themselves at your home is going to ruin your weekend-and potentially your summer.

While you’re taking the time to celebrate the unofficial start of summer and an extra day off, take a few moments and thank those that have served and given their lives for our country.


Stay safe, and if you need us after your long weekend, We’re Here for You.

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