Announcing our 2021 Referral Program

If you know someone looking for auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance or any other kind of property insurance, we want to be your first suggestion. For your friends in Pembroke, your neighbors in Osterville or your coworkers in Plymouth, we hope you immediately think of us when someone mentions needing insurance and send them to one of our office locations.

In fact, if you do send them to us, we’ll send you a $10 Dunkin gift card AND make a donation to our 2021 Charity of the Year. It’s a win-win for you and for a local non-profit.

How does it work? It’s simple.

For each client that calls us and we quote their insurance, we’ll mail you a gift card, and set aside $10 to donate. Last year, we donated well over $1,500 to our 2020 Charity. Each quarter we add up how many referrals we received and send off a check. Its that easy for you to do a little good in the world and get a cup of coffee.

There is NO NEED TO FILL OUT A REFERRAL SLIP, OR SEND YOUR FRIEND A “REFERRAL CODE”-we ask on every call how someone decided to reach out to us.

Our referral program is open to anyone, even if they don’t (yet) have their insurance with us.

We’re thrilled to announce that our 2021 Charity of the Year is the Plymouth Coalition for the Homeless.


A little about them:

The Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless, guided by a dedication to social justice and compassion,
strives to nurture and empower families and individuals seeking basic needs assistance by providing them the shelter, food,
and educational resources necessary to reach their potential and independence.

You can learn more about them here:


We hope when you hear someone asking about insuring that new car they bought or their new driver, or the home they are considering buying, the business they are thinking of starting or looking for an independent agent, we are your first thought. We promise to treat your referral with enthusiasm and respect, and we know they will experience the same level of superior customer service you have been used to.

Remember, We’re Here for You…… and your referrals too.


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