Certificate of Insurance…the what, where and who

Let’s talk about them. What are they? Why do you need one? Who needs one? What does it include? Do you need to know? YES!

Let’s dive in:

What is a certificate of insurance?

A certificate of insurance (COI for short) is a short summary of an insurance policy that is active. It contains effective dates, the policy holders name, the type of coverage, policy limit and any other policy details. It’s a “snapshot” of the coverage in place.

Who needs one?

If you are having work done on your property, doing work on someone’s property or hosting an event, you want to be able to show that YOU, or the company or person doing work on your property has coverage. This will clarify whose insurance will respond if there is a claim or incident.

When do you need one?

Whenever you have a third party coming onto your property to complete a task that you have no control over (think construction, hosting a party). The same is true vice versa-if you are doing work on someone’s property you may be asked to provide one.

How long is the certificate good for?

A certificate of insurance is only good for the moment it is issued. Again, it’s a “snapshot”.

How do I get one if I’m asked to provide one?

Well, that’s where your agent or insurance company comes in. We provide a certificate of insurance to whomever you request one sent-as long as we have your permission. If we receive a request but haven’t spoken to you, we won’t be sending it. We can fax, email or mail a certificate for you to anyone as long as you have the information.

Need a certificate for someone coming to do work for you? Don’t hesitate to ask them for a certificate of insurance-any reputable company is going to agree to send one to you upon request.

If you are insured with us, you can even process your own certificates through our convenient client portal. Just shoot us an email to sign up or give your account manager a call to find out more!

We can always be reached for your business, workers compensation, auto, home and all your other insurance questions!


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