Do I take my college student off my car insurance?  What about the military?

A hot topic for sure this time of year in our agency. Parents calling to discuss what they’ve heard, and what should they do. While each situation is different, and needs to be discussed based on your circumstances, here is a general idea of when and why to keep your college student on your policy.

Keep your child as a “rated” driver on your policy when:

*they commute to school and live at home

*they will be coming home regularly, or often. What’s often? That’s up to interpretation, but most companies would say once a month.

*you want them to have continuous insurance coverage for future insurance policies (this is now a factor in Massachusetts-any gaps in the time you are insured can raise your rate).


How can you save money while your child is in school?

Ask about “away at school discounts”. Most companies have them now. There are also good student discounts, defensive driving course discount and low mileage discounts.


What about the military?

Most companies now have a military exclusion. You can avoid paying for a young driver’s inexperience, but still give the freedom for your military family member to drive when they visit home.


Removing your child from your insurance policy can be a complicated subject. The Massachusetts auto policy states that anyone related to you by blood or marriage, living in the household, must be listed on your policy as a driver. So, when does your college student “not live” with you?

  • If they move permanently, with no intention of coming home. Mailing and residential address, voting status, etc. All changed. They’ve flown the nest.
  • Ya, that’s it.


Bottom line is that every situation is different, and relying on the talk at the water cooler or at the neighbors Labor Day BBQ isn’t the best of ideas. Give us a call to go over your circumstances and We’ll Be Here for You to determine the best option for you and yours.





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