That is…The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Registry of Motor Vehicles.

The words strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned insurance professionals.

The rules. The guidelines. The Forms. Oh…those forms. SO MANY FORMS.

We know the RMV can be a headache for everyone. In Massachusetts, the RMV and insurance are partners in crime, if you will. Without insurance, you cannot register a car in Massachusetts. For anyone arriving out of state, it seems backwards as many states require you to register your vehicle before obtaining insurance.  Maybe it is, but it’s the MA RMV way or the highway. (Just a little insurance humor there.)

As your agent, we try to assist you in anyway we can with your documents for the registry-even when it falls outside of simply registering a motorcycle, a pickup truck or a car that’s “new to you” that you just insured with us.

Some of the things we can assist with are:

*****Registry Running-we have a registry “runner” who will take your documents to the registry for you-no worries, Hannon-Murphy covers his fee, you just need to worry about your payment to the registry.  This is, by far, the most favored service we offer.

-Obtaining a title for a vehicle-if you have bought a vehicle and just need to title it, without registering the vehicle, we can help with that.

-Renewing a registration (whether you need an insurance stamp or not)

-Are you trying to determine why you couldn’t renew your registration or license? We can access the registry and check your renewal status to see if you have outstanding parking tickets or excise tax that you need to settle up.

-Need to cancel those plates? We are able to access the registry and cancel your plates/registration if needed.

The above are just few of the “registry” services we offer. We are happy to answer questions about registry procedures and costs. Remember, if you have a registry question, We’re Here for You.




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