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There is a common misconception that using an insurance agent is more expensive that just calling 1-800-Insurance, and that is just not true. The value of in independent agent is in the services they-ahem, WE-provide. We have access to dozens of carriers at our fingertips meeting your needs for home, auto, renter’s, umbrella, business, and all those miscellaneous insurance needs. Think your boat, ATV, snowmobile or golf cart. Rather than you having to shop around to find a company that might be able to provide all those things-calling an agent-ahem, again, US-means that your needs can met under one roof.

Don’t waste time calling around-call us!

The benefits of an independent agent go beyond price and money saving. Knowing that you can call an agent who can help you through a claim, or making sure that you have the right kind of insurance for the situation you are in, whether its a home in a trust, a home you rent out, or a home you are renting. Agencies like ours take pride in the fact that our account managers stay up to date on the changing landscape of insurance.

Some of our account managers have been with us for over 40 years! (Looking at you Joanne Fralick!) That means they know YOU and your circumstances. Some families have had the same agent for 15-20 years. This means they have added children as drivers, helped them figure out the best way to insure belongings away at school, insure engagement rings and when they buy homes.

As a local agent, we also know the landscape of our towns. We can help advise you on replacement cost of your home, or call the local dealership when you have a question on that purchase and sale. Simple registry transactions can be done through our office, saving you time at the RMV. Knowing the intricate details of how the MA RMV works and what they will require of you to register a vehicle.

Has your rate gone up? No worries-we’ve got your back. We reach out when renewals come in over a certain threshold and let you know if we have a better company for you. We’ll do all the legwork-sending you applications to sign by email or having you stop in, notifying your current carrier, and keeping track that your coverages stay the same from one carrier to the next.

We’ll do the legwork!

As an independent agent, our goal and focus is you. Your family. Your needs. Your budget. Give us a call so that we can be your one stop agent. We’re Here for You.

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