Motorcycles ARE everywhere…It’s not just a saying…

Owning a motorcycle has many benefits-good on gas, parking spots are easy to find, and they’re a lot of fun. However, the fact remains that being a rider comes with additional risks, as motorcycle riders are more likely to be seriously injured or killed in an accident.

Touching base on motorcycles today.

First, keep some easy safety tips in mind can help reduce your risk:

-Taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding course

-Make sure you are visible. Always ride with your headlights on.

-Use the right safety gear. Regardless of if your state has a helmet law (and MA does) use one.

You may be born to be wild, but you need to stay safe!


Second— Insurance. After all,  it is our favorite topic.

Do we insure motorcycles? Sure we do. We have multiple companies that insure motorcycles and include various discounts for rider safety courses or additional coverage available for purchase that is specific to motorcycles.

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