Ready or Not, here comes Winter

Are you ready for winter?

No,  we aren’t either.

Really, we are asking….Is your HOME ready?

Winter in New England can be fickle-we could be piled high with snow, or we could see mild temperatures all winter long. Regardless, there are definitely things that you should do to protect your home to help prevent a claim-whether it’s a liability claim or a claim for damage to your home.

Clean out your gutters!

Water freezing in your gutters can create havoc when it melts-or worse, when it stays frozen but the snow and ice on your roof begins to melt.  With ice blocking the gutter, you may be left with an ice dam-which can cause thousands of dollars of damage inside your home. Cleaning your gutters out is an inexpensive way to help prevent this damage.

Winterize outside faucets!

Remove any hoses and connections to your outside faucets and store them away inside. Then turn off your water supply valve-usually found near your water meter in your basement or crawlspace. Next, head outside and turn on your outdoor faucets and let it run until it trickles to a stop. This will empty out the pipe and help prevent water from freezing inside the pipe. Once the water stops, turn your faucet off. For additional protection, consider purchasing an insulation cover for your faucet at your local hardware store.

Service your Furnace and Chimney!

Fireplaces, chimneys, and heating equipment are large contributors to home fires according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Make sure they are cleaned and inspected annually. You also do not want to be left in the cold unexpectedly!  While doing this-it’s a good idea to double check those batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Check your snow and ice removal checklist!

Snow shovel? Snow blower gassed up and ready to go? How about enough ice melt? Slip and fall injuries can happen anytime of the year-but adding ice to the mix can result in injuries and a hefty liability claim !

Lastly, Bring in or cover up that patio furniture!

Prevent damage to your patio furniture or BBQ by making sure its properly covered, or stored inside.

Homeowner claims happen year round and doing the above may not eliminate the risk, but can certainly reduce your risk or reduce the extent of a claim. If you have questions or experience a claim, remember, We’re Here for You.

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