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A simple word about “Swimply”

“Swimply” is the newest way to earn some cold hard cash. If you have a home with a pool, you can register to rent your pool out by the hour to people looking for an afternoon of fun. Swimply will connect those with pools to those who are looking for places to throw a party or swim. SWIMPLY is available as app to download or you can log on to their website to look around.

Since “Swimply” doesn’t actually PROVIDE the pools they are renting, it works along the same lines as AiBNB or Uber-facilitating the rental property with the person wishing to make some extra cash.

So, in this case, the question becomes, who is responsible in the event of a claim? Damage to your property, or in the worst of case, serious bodily injury?

“This program does not replace a host’s homeowners policy, but rather is designed to provide insurance-backed coverage not typically afforded by a homeowners policy. These guarantees are provided at no additional charge, for all reservations booked and paid for on the Swimply platform. “ (for more-check out

Including in this is the clause that any claims resulting out of the use of alcohol are not going to be covered by this program.

The second tricky issue with this is your homeowners’ policy. The standard homeowner’s policy is not intended to cover your property if you are using it to make money. Renting your pool out is earning money, and could very well exclude ANY injuries or damages from being covered. To top it off, most insurance companies do not want to expose themselves to a claim that could be catastrophic in nature-think of a child drowning or a diving board accident.

“Simply” listing with “Swimply” isn’t as easy as 1-2-3, and we urge you to speak with your insurance agent if it is something you are considering doing.

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