Spring Cleaning your Policy

As winter fades away and spring comes in, it’s time to tidy up your insurance. Just like you clean your house, it’s good to check your insurance policies to make sure they’re still right for you. Your needs differ from your neighbors need, so be sure to not compare your price, policy or coverage to them.

First, look at what your policies cover, like your home or car. Make sure you understand what’s in them and if they still match your needs.

Think about combining your home and car insurance with one company. This can save you money and make things easier to manage.

Check how much you’d pay if you make a claim, called the deductible. It might be worth paying a bit more to lower your premiums.

If you got new stuff like gadgets or jewelry, check if your insurance covers them. You might need extra coverage for them.

Tell your insurance company if anything important changes, like if you renovate your home or get better security.

Doing these things in spring can help make sure your insurance keeps up with your life and saves you money. So, while you’re enjoying the fresh start of spring, take a little time to freshen up your insurance too.

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