Students heading off to school…what are my options?

Whether its your first time dropping your student off at school, or your last time, car insurance usually comes into the equation.

We are often asked:

“Can I remove Junior as a driver, they’ll be away at school”

“I want to take Susie’s car off the road while she’s at school”

The best decision for you is the one that works for your family-and its not a one size fits all. Here are some of the things to consider when deciding the fate of your college driver or their vehicle.

Remove your child from your policy??

Legally, in Massachusetts, the policy states anyone living in the household related by blood or marriage who has a drivers license MUST be listed. So, if your child hasn’t moved out and established residency at a different address, this isn’t an option.

Also, this takes away their “insurance experience” and can lead to higher costs down the line for your child. It can also lead to an issue if your child pops home for a long weekend, and you want to let them drive your car.

Exclude your kid as a driver??

Eh, in our professional insurance opinion, not the best option if your child is going to swing in for Columbus Day weekend or for Thanksgiving break. Excluding your child as a driver is a good option if they’ll be coming home only 1x or so during the school year.

It is Important to note that both removing your child and excluding your child as operators is NOT A GOOD IDEA IF THEY MAY DRIVE A ROOMATES VEHICLE OR A FRIEND’S VEHICLE.

Student away from home discounts:

Great option if your child is going to be attending college or university more than 100 miles away. This allows them to stay on the policy as a driver but removes most of the additional premium.

Don’t forget if you are reviewing your options to ask about all the discounts you may qualify for including Good Student Discounts,

Finding the right fit for your family and your college student is an individual choice. We’re Here for You to sort through all those choices. Give us a call to chat about your situation and find what works best!

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