The Ups and Downs of Trampolines

The warm weather has arrived in New England, and with it comes all those fun things about summer.

Fire pits, stargazing from the trampoline, deep diving in the swimming pools and long days at the beach.

As insurance agents, our first thought is always about safety and reducing claims, and we’ve got some insurance tips for you to consider. For the next few blogs, we’ll be talking about some popular topics that come up when discussing homeowner’s insurance and summertime.


Do you have a trampoline in your yard or thinking about getting one?

Trampoline injuries are very common, and unfortunately so are claims resulting from those injuries. You can be found liable for injuries that occur to friends who are hurt on your property while jumping. There are two big reasons for taking a few easy precautions. First, it will reduce the likelihood of injuries. Second, showing that you have safety precautions in place could help your defense in the off chance you need to defend yourself in court against any lawsuits.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has the following suggestions and advice for parents whose children use trampolines and homeowners who own them:

  • Adhere to the guidelines set by the trampoline company.
  • Only allow one person on the trampoline at a time.
  • Use shock absorbing pads that cover the springs, hooks and frame.
  • The trampoline should be away from structures, trees, and other play areas.
  • No child under age 6 should use a full-sized trampoline.
  • Do not use a ladder with the trampoline because it provides unsupervised access to small children.
  • Always supervise children.
  • Use a trampoline safety net/enclosure.


Taking the steps above can help reduce your chances of having a homeowners liability issue, and keep your kids safe.

Another common topic with trampolines is if your homeowner insurance carrier will write your coverage if you have a trampoline. Each company sets their own guidelines for what they will accept, and some companies have no issues with trampolines provided they have safety nets. Other companies flat out refuse to write homes with trampolines. Its best to check with your agent. Our agency has several insurance carriers that will write homes that have trampolines.

As always, reach out if you have questions about your coverage or are thinking of adding a trampoline to your yard. We’re Here for You.



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