What about that TREE?

Oh, those trees look so colorful and innocent this time of year.

Fall is a beautiful time in New England, but like March, fall can bring some wind and rain to our area. While we can all do our best to keep our trees trimmed back, removing dead limbs, or low hanging branches, there is always the off chance that a large limb or even an entire tree will come down.

Then comes the question….who is responsible for a tree that lands on your property, but doesn’t FALL from your property?

You’ve seen it asked in online social media forums. You’ve asked your friends. You’ve discussed it at the local watering hole…or, well, maybe not, that’s just how insurance agents spend their time.


Let’s break it down.

Scenario 1) Your tree falls in your yard.   YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Scenario 2) Your tree falls onto your neighbor’s yard not damaging anything-their responsibility.

Scenario 2, part b) Your tree causes damage to your neighbors’ deck/fence/swing set/house.

Hard to swallow, but it’s your neighbor’s responsibility. And most likely, a deductible will apply.

Now an exception to this MIGHT be, if you were notified that your tree was dead/rotted, or a danger, and you had been notified in writing, then this could come back to you.

Keep in mind, this same scenario can play in reverse-your neighbors’ tree on your property is going to be your responsibility.

City or Town tree lands on your property? Again, your responsibility unless the city or town had been notified (in writing in most cases) that the tree was a danger.


What about a tree limb or tree that falls on a vehicle?

Ah…that my friends is covered under the comprehensive coverage on the automobile policy that the tree landed on.


Is there coverage to remove the tree?

                This is always an individual question based on YOUR homeowner’s policy. Some policies include some coverage for removing the tree regardless of it hits and damages some property, or just lands in the grass. Other policies exclude coverage for tree removal unless you have purchased coverage for it. Bottom line? Ask before you need to know.

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