Why an agent? It’s One Stop Shopping.

Everyone is short on time, and taking time out of your day to go through your insurance coverage probably isn’t at the top of your list. Insurance is a necessity for the majority of people, and whether its homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, or business insurance, Hannon-Murphy is ready to help.

As a local independent agency with locations in Plymouth, Pembroke and Osterville, we want to make it easy, painless, and most importantly, as efficient as possible for you by providing for all your insurance needs.

We have access to dozens of the top -rated insurance carriers in Massachusetts. We are able to write homeowners, auto insurance, business liability insurance, ATV insurance, motorcycle insurance, workers compensation insurance, or almost any type of insurance you can think of, and even those you aren’t aware of, we can (probably) write it.

Having access to all the different carriers enables us to be your one stop shop for all your insurance needs, which also allows us to cross reference all your policies to make sure you are getting the correct discounts and rates. It also allows us to see potential gaps in your coverage-for instance your homeowners liability limits may come into play during a catastrophic auto claim-and we could help prevent that buy suggesting a personal liability (umbrella policy), or reviewing your overall liability coverage.

Working with an independent agent for your insurance gives you the opportunity to find the company that fits your lifestyle and needs. While almost all companies now have mobile apps and multiple pay plan options, you may find there is a company that supports the causes you support (such as PAN-MASS Challenge, or the Jimmy Fund) and you may choose to do business with that company.

If you experience a claim, Hannon-Murphy is ready to help you navigate the process. Helping to fill out paperwork and forms, calling on your behalf to the company, explaining coverages and aspects of your policy are all part of the services we offer.

Quoting is always no obligation with an independent agent like Hannon-Murphy. If you thinking about purchasing a boat and need to know the cost of insuring this boat, or a new car, adding a driver, buying a house, or even starting a business, getting a quote from us is easy, and no commitment. (We’re sure you’ll buy from us after you chat with us!) Maybe you’re wondering about a move from Pembroke to Plymouth, and wondering how that affects your auto insurance. Just call!

The best part of using an independent agent?

We’re free.

We don’t pass the cost on to you and we don’t have fees.

At Hannon-Murphy, we want you to know the coverage you are purchasing, and we’re ready to help you understand your policy. Calling for a quote, to service your account by paying a bill or making a change, or just asking a question about a coverage you see on your declarations page-We’re Here for You.


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Are you ready to save time, aggravation, and money? The team at Hannon-Murphy Insurance  is here and ready to make the process as painless as possible. We look forward to meeting you!