Home of the Brave

  Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and while it is for remembering those who served and gave all for our country, it also is a traditional time for “start […]

Painful at the Pump.

Gas prices….the talk of the town. Gas prices are on the rise, and while we see this every year at certain times, this time, it feels extreme. We’ve gathered some […]

Potholes. New England Drivers beware!

This time of year, the potholes show up. They’ve been lurking under the surface and now that we’ve had snow, rain, warm weather, cold weather…..it’s the perfect recipe. So what […]

Maybe Out to Sea

A coastal winter storm in New England goes by many names…Nor’easter, Bomb Cyclone, Blizzard, whatever you call it, we’ve got one headed our way. Here are some simple easy tips […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

It may sound cliché, but this Thanksgiving seems the best one in recent times to THANK all our clients. Like most businesses, our small agency has experienced many challenges in […]

Oh Deer-Round Two

  We’ve discussed in the past what coverage will kick in if you hit a deer, and what to do when after an animal collision, but what about an insurance […]

Heat and Leaks-what can you do?

Turns out there is a heck of a lot you can do to help pay for damages. There are a lot of advantages to having oil for your heating fuel-The […]

Changing Seasons

The beauty of living in New England is the changing seasons, and while Fall brings beautiful colors, it can also bring some nasty weather. From Hurricanes coming up the coast, […]