Heat and Leaks-what can you do?

Turns out there is a heck of a lot you can do to help pay for damages. There are a lot of advantages to having oil for your heating fuel-The […]

Changing Seasons

The beauty of living in New England is the changing seasons, and while Fall brings beautiful colors, it can also bring some nasty weather. From Hurricanes coming up the coast, […]

Simply Swimming

A simple word about “Swimply” “Swimply” is the newest way to earn some cold hard cash. If you have a home with a pool, you can register to rent your […]

Diving into Pools

Swimming pools. Homeowners Insurance. …like bees and flowers, they go together. No, they really do, despite what you may have heard. When writing insurance, asking if someone has a pool […]

The Ups and Downs of Trampolines

The warm weather has arrived in New England, and with it comes all those fun things about summer. Fire pits, stargazing from the trampoline, deep diving in the swimming pools […]

Spring in New England can be a fickle time, warm, sunny weather one day, and cold, wind driven rain the next. Those warm spring days are the perfect time to […]

Spring Storage

Spring is the perfect time to declutter, organize, and store away those winter items you won’t use for the next several months. Bulky holiday items, winter clothes, and even furniture […]